Flashpaste 4.7

Flashpaste 4.7 is a text copying utility for Windows
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Flashpaste is a text copying utility for Windows. It allows users to avoid typing the same phrases and snippets of text over and over again by holding them on a database and by allowing them to be pasted on third-party applications via a hotkey. That is only the first of many uses that you can give this application. Secondly, if you code a lot, you can save certain clips of code and paste them at any time. All of your text gets saved on the left side of the application, where you can create folders to better organize your clips. Pasting one of them is fairly simple. There are two hotkeys that you might want to remember (Ctrl + U and Ctrl + O, the former opens up the paste pop-up display and the latter pastes the last used clip). When you hit the main hotkey, you are shown a list of items that you can paste, and you can browse them by using the mouse or simply the keyboard. The second feature that FlashPaste offers is that of a clipboard manager. It records everything that you save on your clipboard, allowing you to go back to anything that you have copied so you don't have to do it again. There are also text macros that you can use to open folders, display the computer time, among other tasks.

José Fernández
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  • Text can be saved without formatting or in rich text format
  • Clipboard managing functions work OK
  • Included samples help


  • The macros are a little hard to figure out
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