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FlashPaste 4.5 - A useful software to enter, edit and copy text easily and fast
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FlashPaste 4.5 is a very useful software application which makes the task of entering, editing and copying text easier and faster. FlashPaste takes you one step further from the regular windows Clipboard by helping the users in managing the text in a more effective and intuitive way. This software is surely of great help to professionals who have to deal with large volumes of text frequently. This includes writers, poets, journalists, programmers and developers. The main advantage of using the FlashPaste 4.5 software is that it has a user-friendly interface which makes the task of dealing with text simple. The software is easy to customize which gives the users more freedom and flexibility in their work. The FlashPaste asks the user to feed the phrases, email-addresses, HTML code, program snippets, words, sentences and paragraphs. The user can then insert the phrase anywhere he wants to by just pressing a hotkey. The hotkey press launches a selection list from where the users can select the item he wants to insert. Thus the FlashPaste 4.5 saves a lot of user’s time and efforts.

Neeraj Joshi
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